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Who is Erika Lust?

Welcome to Erotic Films, cataloging the best in adult cinema from across the globe. Life is too short for bad porn, so we have curated the finest in explicit indie cinema, a hub for those seeking beauty, realism and sex-positivity. Here you can enjoy films that are all ethically made and available to watch in high quality, on any device you like. No nasty pop-ups, no hiding your internet history. We offer a wide range of unique categories to explore, whether you desire romance or kink, vintage, modern, indie and arthouse cinema, to “how-to” guides or female directors. If you want to be a part of the new wave of adult cinema, and say goodbye forever to the violently chauvinistic porn that has taken over the mainstream, you are in the right place

Erika Lust is the Swedish sex-positive feminist at the forefront of indie erotic filmmaking. She has won many awards for her films, written several books, and is currently busy with XConfessions.com - a project where she turns anonymous people’s fantasies into beautiful cinematic shorts films. Her philosophy and work has garnered a huge following of smart, urban and modern men and women looking for something beyond the ugly, cheap and violent movies in mainstream porn. Half a million people have seen her TEDxTalk “It’s Time for Porn to Change” and that’s exactly what she’s aiming to do, bringing you on board of the nouvelle vague of adult cinema.

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