Common Questions

How does Erotic Films work?

Erotic Films is the top online rental cinema of adult films. You choose the movie you want to watch, pay for the rental and have up to 72 hours to watch it as many times as you want. No contracts, no cancellation fees. It's super easy!

How do I pay for my movie?

There are two ways: pay with your Credit Card, or using PayPal. Choose the film you want to see, click on "play", proceed to checkout and select the payment method. It's 100% safe and secure, and we don't retain any of your personal information.

Can I download a movie?

No. You can watch all the films in streaming, but you can't download them.

Is there a membership option?

No. In erotic films there are no contracts and no strings attached.

What is in the catalogue?

From short films to feature, from narrative to indie, from humorous to guides or tutorials, you can find anything you want! We have a team of experts constantly searching for novelties to make sure you have the best catalogue of erotic cinema. Our movies are diverse, come from all over the world and reach our high quality standards. Plus, in Erotic Films you have access to the entire catalogue of Erika Lust's award winning films.

Can I watch the films in HD?

Of course! We proudly offer HD quality for many of the films in our catalogue.

Where can I watch a movie in Erotic Films?

You can watch instantly from any Internet-connected device: desktop, phone, tablet, smart TVs, game console or streaming players.

How many devices can I use?

As many as you want. You just need to be logged in to start watching!

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Heads Up!

Erotic Films is an erotic and explicit site that contains age-restricted content. You must be 18 years old to enter.